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Customer Motivation
We have a psychology-based approach to understanding your customer's buying motivations!

Strategic Campaigns

Then we execute proven scientific marketing strategies and ads targeting your ideal customers who are likely to buy
Customers Come Into Your Business
Every campaign has a call-to-action to BUY and/or visit your business on-site! This results in consistent lead flow, customers, and sales

Hi, I'm Cindy Manit!

For the last 20 years, as a seasoned Marketing Director, I've supported events, workshops, startups, enterprises, apps, non-profits, and local businesses to acquire MORE new customers and clients. Community building and making an impact is my passion. And you can't build a highly engaged community or a following without, PEOPLE!
  • Lyft Inc: 400% increase in users within two months as an early stage product launcher and community builder
  • WomanSpeak Inc:  Supported with National and International expansion within six months timespan as Director of Community and Marketing Lead
  • Featured on the Tim Ferriss Experiment and Wired Magazine where I sold out my beta product in 36hrs after ideation
Hello fellow Business Owner,

I'm looking for 1-2 awesome and ethical businesses who I can bring in big results for

Yes! I'm looking to GROW your business, how cool is that!

If this is you and you want to team up...

  Then I will do 99% of the work to double, triple, or quadruple your growth in the next 6-12 months

I have done this for Lyft Inc, WomanSpeak Inc, Inspired Life Chiropractic, Young Health Solutions, and more...

The first step I'm going to do is develop a strategic plan to bring in your IDEAL high paying customers immediately

That's right.....immediately

I will not charge for this as this strategy session only takes about 45 minutes to do together

I will be doing the work telling you exactly what to do, how to make your product stand out, and how to get customers to take action

What happens at the end of the strategy session?

One of three things will happen:

-You love the plan and you implement it on your own
If this is true, that's fantastic! All I ask is that you write me a testimonial on how awesome this plan was!

-You love the plan and ask to become my client 
That way my team and I can execute and optimize the plan for you so can you profit ASAP
If this is true, I promise we can get this started right away so you can see results immediately!

-If you feel like this plan was terrible and I wasted your time (which has never happened during past calls)
Then I'll send you a free gift because I respect your time

No catch at all

The worse thing that can happen after this session is that I wasted your time, right?

The best scenario my team and I will increase your sales and profit, hopefully several times over!

Here's how it'll work:

-First we will get on Zoom and we will go over your business
I'll look over your current strategies, what actions you're taking currently, and what your goals are

Once I get an idea for how your business is doing, I will create a strategic plan to immediately increase your sales

This is how it may go:

-I may show you how to tweak your marketing offers

-Where and how you can increase your conversions

-How to acquire new customers from untapped sources

-How to bring in past/repeat customers

-How to scientically make sales on a weekly and monthly basis

And if you have an email list, we can leverage your list and come up with a quick promotion to run within days to make sales!

There is NO CHARGE for this strategy session

Why am I offering this?

Well, I love helping awesome people who are doing GOOD things

I believe in businesses and enterprises who are ethically conscious in helping people, or changing the lives of others, or offering something remarkable, or even just doing something positive for the community

I also enjoy marketing, ethical sales, community building, and I love supporting entrepreneurs and local businesses whom I believe are the ones that contribute to building stronger communities and a good local economy

In fact, I love knowing that I can make a positive impact too by partnering with an ethical business!

Check out what I have done for others!

Dr. Kari Young, Young Health Solutions
We brought in over $8,200 in ONE day with just $328 in ad spend!
Shawnrey Notto, Author "Sensual IQ" 
Cindy's workshop was amazing. A couple of weeks later I made $14,000. She gave incredible tips for not only how to start filling my workshop, but also, & most importantly, how to build a real community that supports you, your business, & your business growth. I highly recommend working with Cindy, because not only is she brilliant & incredibly gifted at guiding others to their greatness & sucess (I got amazing results the same day of the workshop!) she's really one of the sweetest, most loving & genuine people I know. Thank you so much, Cindy!” 
Ruth Harring,
Cindy is wonderful and has guided the Eric Drew Foundation which operates WeHeal, through our first social media campaign. She has a keen understanding of the audience we need to reach and spent time navigating through the process for us and honing our campaigns to reach more people.

We were able to get 160 people to sign up for free consultations and had almost 600 people sign up to be members! We also had greatly increased activity to our site and learned about who is interested in our services.
A great experience with Cindy!
KC Baker, Founder,
"Cindy was instrumental in helping WomanSpeak get off the ground. She brought passion, hard work and great strategy for us in building our community… many of which we still use today even several years later! 

Working with Cindy was a joy and I highly recommend her for anyone looking to create strong community engagement and social media strategy."

We achieved significant growth by expanding chapters to more than eight states and six countries, all within a 6 month timeline! Enrolling new leaders and memberships into the platform

5,000+ applications to their leadership certification program
Alex Iglecia - Be Epic 
"In less than two weeks, Cindy helped me organize an event for leaders who wanted a bigger vision and a deeper value. The event had a full house, champagne and chocolate, and lots of transformation."
Yarah Sutra, The Feminine Empowerment Soiree
"It was amazing to work with Cindy! From the moment she hopped on board with The Feminine Empowerment Soirée things started to fall seamlessly into place. 

Once Cindy joined the team, it was just the active energy we needed. The event was a hit! There wasn’t a seat left in the house! Seriously…more people arrived than had RSVP’d!"
Dr. Heidi Wroebel - Inspired Life Chiropractic

Within two weeks, our clientele base grew by 1150%
Lynn Hauka, PTSD Specialist for Vets
Before I worked with Cindy, I was offering workshops but would sit at the start time with my fingers crossed, not knowing if anyone would show up. I didn’t have a clue how to effectively fill my events. And putting my heart into planning only to have one or two, or sometimes no one show up was very discouraging. 

With Cindy’s guidance we developed a method that I now know works. My last workshop sold out, and I have a waiting list for the next one. I can’t tell you what a joy and relief it is to know in advance that people will be there, and I can put my energy into creating the best event I can. Thank you, Cindy!
Hani Cheng, Life Expansion Coach
I find this really ENJOYABLE, FUN, and it works!

Currently I am getting more interests for my support....

So please take into consideration what I'm going to say next:


I am selective about who I choose to help and I have a criteria to make sure we are a match

The reason behind this is because I want to make sure that my work, WILL work for you

I also want to respect my time and yours

So here it is:

-You have an existing REAL business selling high customer value products or a service that really adds value to people's lives

....This means you have a proven record of results and sales from customers
....And that you have a proven model

Here's an example of some businesses that benefit from the work I do:

-Health professionals (Chiropractors, Dentists, Integrative Doctors, etc)
-Local Businesses
-Real Estate brokers
-Product based apps

-You have to be able and willing to spend money on ads, per month, in order to generate lead and traffic flow OR have a good stream of traffic coming to your site already

-Lastly, you have to be able and willing to pay for the work I do for you.. 
IF you choose to become a client of mine

My goal and intention is to help you make sales and profit so that it covers my fees

If you are confident in your business, product, and already generating sales... 
then I confidently know we can get you more sales beyond what you invest in me and to run ads

In fact, my fees are generally less than what you'd pay for a billboard, newspaper, radio/tv ad, PR firm, or large advertising agency would charge

And those advertising avenues are targeted to the general public and NOT your ideal customer

...Here is my gaurantee...

If you work for me for three months and aren't profitable
I'll work for you for free for another three months or until you become profitable - whichever comes first

So What's Next?

If all this sounds good to you, then I'd be happy to put in some time from my schedule to talk to you on how we can do all this in a 45min "strategy session" FREE OF CHARGE

What happens during the call?

This call with be just you and me

In our session we will figure out exactly what you want...
....and HOW to make it happen

I will go over your goals, your offers/products...
and create a plan to bring in CUSTOMERS.... 

-At the end of our session, if you see value in what I do and would like me by your side...
we can talk about what it would like to work together

-If you don't want to work together, THAT'S OKAY, no hard feelings!

-If I wasted your time, I'll send you a free gift!

Either way you'll receive a VERY valuable marketing strategy and execution plan that you can use to get qualified customers and sales

You'll also receive new knowledge and clarity as to where you are now, what's in the way, along with next steps to help you achieve a breakthrough in sales

Time is precious

This opportunity is extremely limited because of the amount of work needed to provide you results

I can only work with a small amount of clients at a time, I can only take on 1-2 new clients each month

If you are interested and want to grow your business, please let me know as soon as you're able!

I look forward to speaking with you.

To Your Success,

Cindy Manit

Ask me how to recover 5-7 figures in loss sales in 45 days from your website without paid ads, SEO, or posting on social media

Clients and Partners

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